Beyond Reason book cover
"Profound and easy-to-read."
- Elise Boulding, Dartmouth College

What People are Saying

"Powerful, practical advice. It will put your emotions to good use."

- Desmond Tutu

"A brilliant guide ... Anyone who faces a difficult conversation, let alone a formal negotiation, can use this as a guidebook."

- Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

"So carefully constructed and written that you may find yourself praising its common sense and nodding easily in concurrence.It is a book to reflect upon and that belongs on every negotiator's reference shelf."

- The Negotiator Magazine

"Valuable, clearly written book"

- USA Today

"A must read for anyone who negotiates-which is to say for all of us."

- Elena Kagan, Dean, Harvard Law School; Former associate counsel to the U.S. president

"Profound and easy-to-read. There is no interaction setting - public, professional or personal, local or international - where its recommendations will not be applicable."

- Elise Boulding, Dartmouth College

"With exemplary clarity and thoroughness, and without one unnecessary word... Destined to take its place alongside Getting to Yes on innumerable bookshelves around the world."

-Howard Gardner, Harvard Graduate School of Education

"Masters of diplomacy, Fisher and Shapiro, of the Harvard Negotiation Project, build on Fisher's bestseller (he co-authored Getting to YES) with this instructive, clearly written book that addresses the emotions and relationships inevitably involved in negotiation."

- Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

"An extraordinarily clear account of the complex effects of human emotions in social exchange that should raise the level of civility and effectiveness in all our interactions, whether we are negotiating or dining with a friend."

- Jerome Kagan, Harvard University

"An indispensable 'real world' guide for anyone. We regularly apply the skills of Beyond Reason to create the straightforward dialogue that resolves the vast majority of our hostage negotiations."

- Lt. Jack J. Cambria, Commanding Officer NYPD, Hostage Negotiation Team

"Beyond Reason provides essential tools to understand how to develop solutions to even the most serious problem."

- Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Chief Prosecutor, International Criminal Court

Winner of the prestigious Outstanding Book Award for Excellence in Conflict Resolution

- From the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution

"Beyond Reason is exactly what we need now: a lucid, systematic approach to dealing with emotions, infused with a practical wisdom that will help you understand, enrich, and improve all your negotiations - and all your relations with fellow human beings."

- Leonard L. Riskin, Director Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution University of Missouri-Columbia

"The resurgence of interest in emotions has broadened the impact of research on brain and behavior. Beyond Reason takes this to a new level, showing how emotions can positively and negatively affect the way managers and other negotiators approach their goals."

- Joseph LeDoux, New York University author of The Emotional Brain and Synaptic Self

"Beyond Reason truly takes Getting to YES to the next level, integrating emotional sophistication into the canonical approach. Where the first book taught us to create value in the face of the emotional rollercoaster that is any negotiation, the new book [Beyond Reason] teaches us how to change the roller-coaster - if not into a Sunday drive, then at least into a more predictable commute."

- Negotiation Journal