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- USA Today

Upcoming Events and Interviews

Dan Shapiro was interviewed on the following stations last fall:

November 22

10:20 AM ET. Money Matters Radio Network: Interview with Gary Goldberg.

November 28

Milwaukee: Interview with Mary McGuire, WFON-FM

Des Moines, Iowa : 1:07 PM CST. News Talk with Steve Hexon, KBUR-AM.

November 29

Colombus, Ohio: 7:45 AM ET. News Talk with Dan Ramey, WBEX-AM.

Norwich/New Haven, Connecticut: 8:40 AM ET. Interview with Mark Wayne, WICH-AM.

National : 9:20 AM ET. Cable Radio Network/ News Talk with Jack Roberts

Napa, California : 7:00 AM PT. Interview with Jeff Schechtman, KVON-AM.

Tulsa, Oklahoma : 9:20 AM CST. News Talk with Jeff Brucculeri, KAKC-AM.

Podcast : The Motley Fool podcast. Interview with Mac Greer

Boston, Massachusetts : 12:00 PM ET. The Frankie Boyer Show, WBNW-AM.

November 30

New York, New Jersey : 7:00 AM ET. News Talk with Frank Truatt, WTBQ-AM.

Houston, Texas: 7:20 AM ET. Interview with Brent Clayton, Biz Radio Network.

December 1

National/Sirius : 3:00 ET. The Business Shrink. Sirius Radio Network.

December 5

Columbus, Ohio: 8:10 ET. "Bulldog and the Rude Awakening", interview with Rebekah Terral, WOCM-FM.

December 16

San Francisco, California: 8:30 AM PT. The Joanie Greggains Show, KGO-AM.

Minneapolis/St. Paul : 8:20 AM CST. The Jill Spiegel Show, WFMP-FM.

December 20

Athens, Georgia : 10:15 AM ET. "Barbara Dooley Radio Talk Show" WGAU-AM.