Beyond Reason book cover
"An extraordinarily clear account of the complex effects of human emotions in social exchange that should raise the level of civility and effectiveness in all our interactions ."
- Jerome Kagan, Department of Psychology, Harvard University

Program on Negotiation Executive Education Seminar:

Emotions can either derail you in a negotiation

or help you achieve the results you want.


Every executive knows that anger, resentment, fear, impatience and scores of other negative emotions can block a successful deal or ruin an important relationship. Negative emotions can:

* divert attention from substantive issues

* damage important relationships

* sour hopes for a fair settlement, and

* be used by others to exploit you

At the Program on Negotiation, we have devised a unique, psychological framework that will help you to use emotions as an asset when you negotiate, even in the most difficult circumstances, big or small, professional or personal.
Our new two-day program, Dealing With Emotions in Business Negotiations, led by Daniel Shapiro, and Jamil Mahuad, Former President of Ecuador (1998-2000), offers a powerful, breakthrough approach for identifying and addressing the core psychological needs that lie at the heart of most emotional barriers to agreement.

This is not another seminar on emotional intelligence. Based on breakthrough research on the psychological dimension of negotiation by Roger Fisher and Harvard psychologist Daniel Shapiro, this framework will focus you on five core human concerns that lie beneath most emotions in a negotiation. You will learn how to:

* use emotions to turn a disagreement – big or small, professional or personal – into an opportunity for mutual gain

* anticipate, identify and address the triggers of strong negative emotions and what caused them to surface

* extract value by using these emotional concerns as a lens to see the situation clearly and prepare for it, and as a lever to stimulate positive emotions in yourself and others.

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