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ROGER FISHER, LLM., is the Director of the Harvard Negotiation Project and the Williston Professor of Law Emeritus at Harvard Law School, where he has taught since 1958. Prior to joining the Law School faculty in 1958, he worked for the U.S. Government in Paris, practiced law in Washington, D.C., and served as an assistant to the Solicitor General in the Department of Justice.

DANIEL SHAPIRO , Ph.D., Associate Director of the Harvard Negotiation Project, is on the faculty at Harvard Law School and in the psychiatry department at Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital. He also has been on the faculty at the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Roger Fisher with Nelson Mandela

Daniel Shapiro with Tucker Carlson

Professor Fisher has taught and written extensively on international law, international conflict, and for more than a decade has devoted himself almost exclusively to the task of understanding and improving the process by which people, organizations, and governments deal with their differences. Professor Fisher is a member of the steering committee of the Program on Negotiation, a consortium of dispute resolution programs among Harvard, M.I.T., and Tufts.

Professor Fisher has 30 years' experience dealing with international conflict as an advisor and strategist. He advised both the Iranian and United States governments in negotiations for the release of the American hostages in 1981. He helped design the process for the successful Camp David negotiations between President Sadat of Egypt and Prime Minister Begin of Israel. He was present in Guatemala City during the negotiations at the request of President Cerezo of Guatemala. His experience also includes training the white Cabinet and the African National Congress Negotiating Committee in South Africa prior to the constitutional talks that led to the end of apartheid; working at the behest of both governments to end the 1980 U.S.-Iranian hostage conflict; and advising the President of Ecuador in a peaceful resolution to a 50-year boundary dispute.

As an individual, through the consulting firms of Conflict Management Inc. and Vantage Partners, and with the non-profit Conflict Management Group, Professor Fisher has taught and advised corporate executives, labor leaders, attorneys, diplomats, and military and government officials on settlement and negotiation strategy. In recent years he has conducted negotiation seminars in Bonn, Moscow, Stockholm, Paris, London, Milan, San Salvador, Bogota, Mexico City, and the Republic of South Africa.

Dr. Shapiro holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and specializes in the psychology of negotiation. He founded and directs the Harvard International Negotiation Initiative, which focuses on the emotional dimension of conflict and negotiation.

In addition to teaching at Harvard, Dr. Shapiro travels throughout the United States and the world teaching negotiation to groups such as governmental officials, corporate executives, lawyers, psychologists, and dispute resolution professionals. His extensive client list runs the gamut from Starbucks and Microsoft to the EPA and the San Antonio School System. His international experience includes training Chinese officials, Serbian Members of Parliament, Middle Eastern negotiators, Macedonian politicians, and senior U.S. officials. He also is an advisor to the International Criminal Court. During the Bosnian War, he conducted conflict management trainings in Croatia and Serbia . Through funding from the Soros Foundation, he developed a conflict management program that now reaches one million people across more than 30 countries.